Company Overview

  • Advanced Fiber Technologies Founded 1996
  • Incorporated 1997
  • 30 Years Experience in Carbon Fiber Development/Applications
  • Business Focus:
    • Contract R&D
      • ~70% Govít/Military
      • ~30% Commercial
    • Production of items arising out of contract R&D
    • Recognized leaders in obscurant development/technologies
    • Nanotechnology

Company and Technical Background

Advanced Fiber Technologies, Inc. provides engineering, consulting, test services, contract R&D and products to customers using advanced fiber materials. We have close to 30 years experience in the development of advanced fibers and composites. We are extremely familiar with the properties and characteristics of all state of the art carbon fiber products currently available today and were involved in the development of several of the newer generation carbon fiber products (including the first IM and UHM carbon fibers).

In addition, AFT has developed unique packaging forms for carbon fibers used in obscurant and related applications. We have over fifteen years experience in obscurant related work and have participated in essentially every major mmw obscurant effort. We have also developed novel packaging techniques for IR obscurants and were recently granted a patent in this area associated with work done in conjunction with the U.S. Army (US Patent # 6802172).

We provide surface modification technologies that enable advanced fibers to enhance the performance of composite materials. AFT, Inc. currently has laboratory and test equipment in place to conduct fiber and related research, perform testing and analyses, conduct Dense Pak fiber loading, and fabricate specialized carbon fiber packaging (e.g. carbon fiber wafers) for unique applications. Our production scale equipment in this area is capable of rates exceeding 100000 per month on a single shift basis. We also work closely with other analytical laboratories to provide testing and services that support our business activities.

Advanced Fiber Technologies, Inc. also produces various value added carbon fiber products, including modified continuous fiber, surface modified fiber, and specialty chopped fiber. We provide similar technologies utilizing other advanced materials such as fiberglass and aramid fibers as well.

We also support customers with engineering design and analysis services on a contractual basis. Our technical staff includes disciplines in chemical, mechanical, electrical, and composites engineering with additional backgrounds in statistical and quality control processes. Our services are utilized by industry, government, and academic clients.

Much of our work centers on supporting government contract activities. Recently, we performed research on nanotube materials as a subcontractor on a DARPA funded contract and have demonstrated novel methods for separating and disentangling carbon nanotube bundles. Previous efforts as subcontractor on a DOE contract contributed to the development of several novel technologies leading to the demonstration of low cost carbon fiber materials through the modification of textile type acrylic fiber precursors.

Advanced Fiber Technologies, Inc. is located in Wilmington, DE in an industrial environment and occupies close to 6000 square feet of office, lab, and production space.

Please let us know if we can help you with your advanced material needs.